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Have you ever been in a situation whereby you spent long hours, weeks or months preparing for a business presentation for a huge contract worth millions only for you to lose the saved files that you have worked so hard to prepare just two days to the main event?  Or you save an important company document on removable storage like hard-drive, USB flash drive, and on the day you are to present this data,  you discover that this portable storage is now corrupt because you forgot to use the safely eject feature.

Often times, it could cost you a contract, or important clients.  This could really be frustrating right? Not to worry, I have a solution to help you with this problem. 

Have you been looking for a professional who can help you recover your lost data?

Do you need someone who can get the job done on time within south bay?

Do you need someone who can recover your lost data at an affordable fee?  Then count yourself lucky.

Click-Pro mission is to help Businesses in South bay recover lost data after a fertile hard-drive crash.  Over the years, we have helped a countless number of businesses in South Bay to recover from situations that may seem next to impossible. We also have recorded a 95% success rate on all data recovery over the years, so be rest assured that when you make use of our services, you stand a good chance of recovering all your deleted files from your failed hard drives, RAID Arrays, Ransomware, Viruses, Malware, Fire and other damage storage media. We are also capable of repairing and replacing motherboards, RAID controllers and other server and computer hardware for small businesses.

Our services also include:

  • Hard drive recovery.

  • Apple mac recovery.

  • Laptop data recovery.

  • Desktop data recovery.

  • Raid repair.

  • Raid data recovery.

  • SAN data recovery.

  • NAN data recovery.

  • Server data recovery.

  • Tape data recovery.

  • Database data recovery.

  • Encrypted data recovery.

  • Remote data recovery.

  • On-site data recovery.

  • SSD data recovery.

  • USB flash data recovery.

  • File & email data recovery.

  • Mobile recovery & forensics.

  • Digital forensics.

  • E-discovery.

  • Additional services.

Service options and so on, whatever your data recovery might be. We have you covered.

To ensure all our clients get premium quality in our services, we only make use of state-of-the-art equipment to help our clients recover their lost data. All our staffs are highly trained to handle any kind of data recovery.  We also do a deep background check on all our staffs before employing them, so be rest assured that your data and you are 100% safe in our hand. We also make use of a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and state-of-the-art data repair facilities. In order to solve complex data recovery cases, and to be able to recover data from new storage media. We have invested in R&D to ensure you get only the best services. When you need files from a hard drive, flash drive, RAID array or any other type of digital device, our specialists are always on standby to deliver outstanding results.

When you need fast access to important data, we offer a minimum turnaround within 48 hours. Our emergency data recovery services provide a fast way to get critical files back from any type of media disaster. We offer the best set of options for professional data recovery and media repair.

All of our data recovery services include a “no recovery, no charge” policy and we maintain your confidentiality with exceptional security systems. To learn more about our services, use our online data recovery services contact form or call our customer service department today.

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