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Hardware or Software, Cabling and Tech support, serving small businesses in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, South Bay, and Orange County. Over 30 years of experience.

Technology systems comes in different shapes. Whatever your choice of device might be, you’ll need one to help make your work easier and faster. There is nothing more worrisome than when you try to use a particular hardware or software in your office for your daily business transactions and they keep giving you issues, error messages or they refuse to communicate with one another.

Sometimes, it could be your internet connection that stopped working and this can disturb your business for the day.  This can make you record some losses for that day.  Frustrating right? Not to worry, I have a solution that would help solve your problem within a short while.

 I would like to introduce Click-Pro to you. Click-pro is a company located in Long Beach and our goals are to provide world-class emergency tech support, project management and installation services to companies for an affordable fee.  No matter what your budget might be, we have a plan for you.

We have been in this field for over 20 years providing world-class emergency tech support to companies in and around Long Beach.  Our company consists of highly trained professionals who can handle any of your tech devices such as software, mobile phones, printers, and other electronics, mechanical or electromechanical products in your office, shops, or homes. 

Our staffs are friendly and neatly dressed easy identification. 

All employees are background checked prior to being employed. So, be rest assured you are safe with our company.

We run a full diagnostics on your hardware or software before giving you a report.  This would enable us to know if your device needs to be reconfigured, repaired or replaced and we would give you the cheapest price compared to our competitors.

Here are five reasons why you need our emergency tech support services.

  • When you encounter a slow computer. It's a sign that there is a problem with your PC. The common causes are low memory space, hard disk or operating system glitch, virus or malware attack and other issues. We are fully equipped to handle and resolve all types of computer issues that trigger performance issues and slow PC syndromes such as, virus removal, memory management, disk fragmentation, cache cleaning and management, and disk cleaning, memory upgrade and many more.

  • With Click-Pro, your peace of mind is guaranteed! PC issues seriously affect your work productivity and can cause you to miss a deadline or delayed delivery and many other adverse situations at work where computers and other devices connected to computers play essential roles. At that, instant and easy access to technical support professionals can help solve computer problems and resume your work within a short time.

  • We detect, quarantine or remove and also prevent online security threats using our skills and security software. With us by your side, we can minimize security vulnerabilities and errors caused by a virus, malware, spyware, adware and many more.

  • We offer annual tech support plans which cover support for an unlimited number of incidences. By subscribing to our annual computer maintenance plan, you can curb hundreds of dollars you pay to those incidence-based local service centers that usually charge you hefty for single service or hourly services.     

  • We offer Cross-device and cross-platform support for different types and brands of computers, various peripherals, smartphones and tablets and even internet-connected digital home theaters.

Do you need a tech support company to help you troubleshoot your computer, network, server and other networked systems? Contact us now.